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Hello and welcome to Yellow Duck Baby Gifts, where every gift is a bundle of joy, crafted with love and a touch of luxury.


Our Story

Founded in 2007 by Karen, a Melbourne-based mother and now a proud grandmother, Yellow Duck Baby Gifts blossomed from a dream to create something truly special in the baby gift market. With over 30 years of experience in crafting baby and children's clothing and gifts, Karen's journey to becoming a small business owner comes from deep industry knowledge and expertise. Her dedication and passion are the heart and soul of Yellow Duck Baby Gifts.
Our Philosophy

At Yellow Duck Baby Gifts, we believe that a baby’s first gift is more than just a present; it's a symbol of love that welcomes them into this big new world. That's why we meticulously select the finest toys, towels, blankets, and clothing for our beautifully presented gift boxes and hampers. We have a wide range of hampers and gift options, including personalised options that add a unique touch to your gifts.

Our Commitment to Quality

Each hamper is a testament to our commitment to quality, packed with a range of high-quality products, from organic skincare and soft toys to baby clothing and essentials. We're constantly updating our collection to ensure that we offer the latest and best products for each season.


Our Services

We're all about making your experience as smooth as a duckling's feather. Our online ordering system is a breeze to use, and we offer delivery right to your doorstep nationwide, with express delivery options across Australia.


Our Nest

Yellow Duck Baby Gifts has returned to its original roost! We are now nestled cosily back at 16 Oakville Pl, Craigieburn VIC 3064.

While we've spread our wings over the years, we always cherish our roots. At this location, we continue to offer the convenience of local pickup and click-and-collect options for all our Melbourne customers.

Our Heart

Yellow Duck Baby Gifts is more than just a business; it's a part of Karen's life journey. Despite facing personal health challenges, Karen's resilience and determination have kept the spirit of Yellow Duck alive. Her strength and dedication ensure that each gift is still crafted with the same love and attention to detail as always.


Our Promise

Proudly Australian-owned, Yellow Duck Baby Gifts is here to be a part of your celebrations, sharing in the joy of welcoming new life. Our promise is simple: to provide exceptional quality and unforgettable gifts, each with its own story of love and care.


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