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Check List for the arrival of a new baby

Check List for the arrival of a new baby

The arrival of a new born baby into a family is always a joyous occasion.
After the initial first few day's in hospital, new parents are often under prepared for what is needed when the baby arrives home.
It is often said that you can never have enough baby singlets, muslin wraps, hats, socks etc and most new parents find this out usually in the first week of being home. Newborn baby's often need to be fully changed of all clothing with almost every nappy change, usually when the nappy is wet or soiled so too are the singlets and suits and sometimes even the socks! We have all witnessed a poop explosion or two! There is also the milk burps that usually end up down the front of the suit and who ever is holding them at the time! 
Lucky we live in an age where we have machines that will wash and dry our clothing for us but this still requires extra time for the new mum or dad and adds extra stress to make sure that they are washed and dried quickly intime for the next change, all this extra work and stress can be avoided by having enough of the essential items before baby arrives home. 
Newborn baby's are usually kept swaddled when sleeping for the first few months at least. Swaddling helps keep baby feeling comforted and relaxed therfore helping baby to drift off to sleep more easily. Usually either a muslin or jersey type fabric is best. We would recomend at least 6 baby swaddle wraps would be a good start for new parents to have when baby arrives home.
New baby singlets are essential as they help keep baby warm they also protect baby's sensitive skin from any buttons or snaps that may be on clothing. 
We recomend that the new baby have at least 12 singlets this way they can be changed at any or every nappy change.
Keeping baby's feet warm is essential, especially during cold winter months. Baby socks can be worn both under a footed baby suit or over the top. 
We recomend that the new baby have at least 6 - 9 pairs.
Suits, suits and more suits! Whether they be zip up or press studded, footed or non footed baby grow suits are by far the most versitile and practical piece of clothing a new baby will ever need. They are worn for sleeping, they are worn for day trips, they are worn for practically every reason and therefore are a must have item in baby's wardrobe. As baby's can grow quite fast we recomend that a new baby have at least 6 growsuits to suit the size of the newborn and always have at least 2 suits in a larger or next size up as new baby's do sometimes seem to grow overnight!
Other Essential Items.
1. Nappies
2. Burp Clothes / Bibs
3. Bassinette/Cradel sheets
5. Hats/ Beanies
6. Wash Cloths
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