How to make baby’s first Christmas magical

How to make baby’s first Christmas magical

Christmas holds a special charm for everyone, but when you're celebrating a baby's first Christmas, it takes on a whole new level of special. For new parents, this is a time to create cherished memories. This guide will walk you through making your little one's first Christmas celebration truly unforgettable.

The Magic of Tradition

Whether your family has long-standing Christmas traditions or you're looking to create new ones, the arrival of your baby offers a wonderful opportunity. This could be the year that you start a family ritual of your own, as a way to welcome your little one and celebrate the newest member of your family. If you're in search of ideas to start your own Christmas traditions, check out the suggestions below:

  • Reading Christmas Books: Start a bedtime ritual with festive stories. This makes bedtime special and creates memories your child will remember and link to Christmas for years to come.
  • Start an Ornament Collection: For each significant milestone in your child's life, add a special ornament to your collection. This heartwarming tradition ensures that every Christmas tree tells the unique story of your child's growth and achievements.
  • Family Photo Sessions: Capture the joy of the season with an annual family photo, charting how your family grows and changes. As a special touch, include these photos into your yearly family and friends' Christmas cards, if that's a tradition you follow. 
  • Personal Christmas Stocking: Create or buy a special stocking just for the baby. It'll be a joy to hang year after year. Consider getting it custom embroidered with their name, making it even more personal.
  • Christmas Light Walks: As the sun sets, take a leisurely stroll through your neighbourhood to admire the Christmas lights and decorations. Given the warmer evenings in December, it's a perfect way to experience the festive spirit outdoors. Plus, it's a gentle activity to help wind down the little one before bedtime.
  • Memory Keepsakes: Create a special keepsake box for your baby. From a piece of their first Christmas outfit to a tiny Santa hat or a photo with Santa, this will be something to look back on in the years to come.

Choosing Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

"What should I get a baby for their first Christmas?" is a question many ask around this time of year. We have some fool proof guidelines for how to pick out a gift for the newest member of the family.  

  • Personalised Items: There's something incredibly touching about a gift that's been personalised. Embroidered bibs, blankets, or soft toys with the baby's name, a special message or a memorable date make for treasures that'll be cherished long after the baby has outgrown them.
  • Sentimental Keepsake Gifts: The first Christmas is all about the 'firsts'. Ornaments, trinkets or photo frames dedicated to this occasion will not only add to the festive spirit now but also become precious keepsakes in the future.

Age-Appropriate Gifts

In that whirlwind first year, babies grow and change before our very eyes. When picking out gifts, it's essential to keep in mind where they are in their little journey.

Under 6 Months

For the tiniest members of the family, those under six months, here are some ideas to make their eyes light up:

  • Soft, Huggable Toys: Think cuddly plushies with different textures. They're perfect for those little hands to explore and squeeze. Soft plushies that come in various textures stimulate a baby's sense of touch.
  • Teething Toys: Some babies start teething early, and a cooling teething toy can be a real lifesaver. It offers them relief and a fun toy all in one. Just make sure that it isn't too cold, freezing cold rings are too much for little ones to handle, teething rings that are cool to the touch will offer some minor pain relief.
  • Interactive Toys: Simple, colourful toys that make sounds or have lights can be fascinating for younger babies. While these little toys with their lights and sounds can be super captivating for babies do try to keep the parents in mind and opt for toys that have an off switch – they will thank you later! 

Six to Twelve Months

  • Educational Toys: Toys that encourage learning, like simple puzzles or blocks, are great for babies in this age group. They help develop motor skills and cognitive abilities.
  • Musical Instruments: Small, baby-safe instruments like shakers or tambourines can be both entertaining and educational, introducing the baby to the world of sounds and rhythms.
  • Board Books: Introduce the joy of reading with sturdy, colourful board books. These not only entertain but also stimulate language development.

Suitable for All Ages

  • Clothing: Festive outfits or everyday wear are always useful, especially in the busy festive season when baby might need a few changes of clothes. Once they grow out of them the particularly special clothes make adorable keepsakes, for anything else you can donate them to families in need. 
  • Blankets or Towels: With an option for custom embroidery, these become personal and cherished.

A few general guidelines for picking a gift for a little one

  • Safety First: Regardless of the gift, safety is paramount. Ensure all toys are age-appropriate, free from small parts, and made with non-toxic materials.
  • The Joy of Unwrapping: Remember, babies and toddlers often find as much joy in unwrapping the gift as in the gift itself. Use colourful, safe wrapping materials to add to their excitement and wonder.
  • Practical Gifts for Parents: Consider gifts that can also make parents' lives easier, like baby gear or a well-deserved pampering set for the new mom and dad.

Capture the Moments

Your baby's first Christmas is an opportunity to create a treasure trove of memories filled with 'firsts'. From their first Christmas carol, first tree-lighting, or even their first taste of festive food. It is a perfect time to capture these special moments. 

  • Themed Photoshoot: Arrange a photoshoot with themes that resonate with the spirit of Christmas. Dress your baby as a tiny Santa, an adorable reindeer, or wrapped up like a present. These photos will not only be cute but will also capture the essence of their first festive season.
  • Baby's Firsts: Document 'firsts' like their first Christmas outfit, first time seeing a Christmas tree, or their reactions to holiday music. These candid moments are priceless and reflect the genuine wonder of experiencing Christmas through a child's eyes.
  • Handprint or Footprint Ornaments: Create custom ornaments using your baby's handprints or footprints. These can be a fun DIY project and serve as a unique reminder of how small they once were.
  • Digital Memory Book: Compile all these photographs and videos into a digital memory book. This modern twist on the traditional photo album can be shared with family and friends and revisited in the years to come.
  • First Christmas Milestone Card: Use a special milestone card to mark the occasion and take a picture of your baby with it. These cards can be kept as keepsakes or included in their little baby memory book.

Remember, while capturing these moments, the key is to keep the atmosphere joyful and relaxed. Your baby's comfort and happiness should always be the priority, making the experience enjoyable for the whole family.

Involving Baby in Festive Activities

Make the season interactive and memorable:

  • Decorating Together: While your baby may be too young to actively participate in decorating, they can still get involved. Set up a safe space where they can play with non-breakable, baby-safe ornaments. Their delight in the textures and colours will be a joy to watch.
  • Singing Carols: Softly singing carols or playing festive music in the background can be a soothing and delightful experience for your little one. This could be the start of a lifelong love for holiday music.
  • Taste of Christmas: For babies who have started on solids, let them taste some baby-safe festive foods. A tiny bit of mashed pumpkin or potato can be a fun way for them to join in the Christmas dinner.

Celebrating your baby's first Christmas is a unique and magical experience. With the right mix of thoughtful gifts, memorable traditions, and engaging activities, you can make this festive season truly special for your little one.

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What should I get a baby for their first Christmas?

Opt for personalised gifts, sentimental keepsakes, and age-appropriate toys. Remember, the joy for a baby often lies in the experience of unwrapping and exploring new textures and colours. Beyond the day and that season, they will take on a more sentimental feel and personalised gifts are always a good choice. 

How can I make a baby's first Christmas special?

Try starting new traditions such as reading Christmas stories, starting an ornament collection, and having family photo sessions. Involve your baby in festive activities and capture these moments through photos and videos.

What are the best Christmas gifts for babies under 6 months?

Soft, huggable toys, cooling teething toys, and interactive toys with lights and sounds are great choices. Just make sure they are age-appropriate, safe and made from baby-friendly materials.

What to get a baby for a Christmas present who is between six to twelve months?

Educational toys, musical instruments, and colourful board books are ideal. These gifts will help in their developmental milestones while still being enjoyable and fun for the little one.

Are there any universal gift ideas suitable for all baby ages?

Yes, clothing, festive outfits, blankets, and towels with an option for custom embroidery make excellent gifts. They are practical and can be personalised for a special touch.

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