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Personalised Christmas Gifts

Personalised Christmas Gifts

Imagine it... not even December and you've got the Chrissie presents for all the kids in your family sorted!


How hard is it getting each year to buy Christmas Presents for the ‘kids that have it all’?

We all have one... They have the latest playstation or wii with all the games, they have an iphone, ipad, name it they’ve got it, and they’re still in Primary School! ...What a challenge!

Well how about looking outside the box this year for something that will have them doing something other than sitting on the couch searching the net.

Sand, Surf and Sun

Christmas in Summer makes for some awesome memory making. Days at the beach, sitting making sandcastles or jumping over the waves or even swimming at the local pool during the school holidays are great family times. But the fun turns to drama when the kids fight over the towels almost ruining the day!

Personalised Beach Towel

This year you can help save the Mums and Dads from a headache all the way home from the beach or the pool by getting their kids a Personalised Towel... They cant fight if their name is on their towel!

These gorgeous beach towels are available in a range of bright summer colours. They come with a PVC bag drawstring bag that shows the child's name facing out. Super soft and luxurious, as you brought from us before, you know we don't skimp on quality.

But its not just for those long summer days in the water, the towel can also be used for swimming lessons... with the PVC cover, even if they forget and put it in their school bag they wont wet everything in there. Also handy for those school camps where every article of clothing needs to be labled! You’ll be amazed when you hear Mum and Dad say ‘why didn't we think of this earlier!



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