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Baby Blankets for the pram

Baby Blankets for the pram

Baby blankets for the pram or car seat make a great baby gift.

Yellow Duck Baby's baby gifts online store has a huge range of baby blankets made just for this purpose.

Every Mum & Dad knows that when out with baby in the pram it is totally necessary to have a baby blanket on hand!

The weather is so unpredictable and what starts out as a lovely stroll on a nice bright sunny day can turn into a quick cold and chilly trip home.

Yellow Duck Baby Gifts has a great solution for this problem, the my own fur baby blanket!

The my own Fur baby blanket is made from a beautifully soft faux fur on one side  and the other side is a super soft winter fleece printed with a very cute bunny for girls and a super sweet teddy bear for boys.

This baby blanket measures approx 75cm x 100cm which makes it just the right size for a stroll in the pram or a drive in the car, the my own fur baby blanket also makes a great tummy time baby rug so when you decide to go for a stroll you can use the baby blanket to cover baby in the pram from the harsh cold wind and when you arrive at your destination you can then use the baby blanket for tummy time on the floor, the super soft thick fleecy under lining and the thick soft fur will protect baby from any drafts during tummy play time.

This beautiful baby blanket also has the added advantage of having baby's name and date of birth or Christening details embroidered onto it so it will be become a treasured family keepsake as well as being a truly functional and welcomed baby gift.

This beautiful baby blanket gift is available in pink or blue.

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