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About Us

About Us

Although Yellow Duck Baby's Baby Gifts Online Store opened back in 2007 we have infact been manufacturing baby and childrens clothing and personalised baby gifts since 1980.

When my first son was born in 1980 I was a young Mum who wanted bright and funky clothing for my baby but unfortunately the only choice of colours available at the time were Baby Blue and Lemon, and the only styles were overalls and sailor suits! Cute as they were I was looking for something that just wasn't available, so with the Sewing Skills that I had learnt from my talented Mother and the Design Skills inherited from my Father I started making bright and colourful clothing and blankets for my son .

They were so popular all my friends wanted them for their children and people would stop me in the street to ask where I had bought them from, this gave me the idea to start my own business from home .

I set up a small manufacturing business in my garage which by the time my second son had arrived had grown to the point that I decided to open my first Retail outlet.

So with Toddler and Babe in arm I opened the doors to my first retail store.

There were a lot of up's and downs but over the years I have learnt a lot and I still continue to learn now with the new technology available at my finger tips.

I have seen a lot of styles come and go over the years but I have found that Personalised baby gifts are always popular.

Yellow Duck Baby's baby gifts online Store is a proudly Australian owned company and we try to keep as many of our products as possible made in Australia , we do all the Embroidery ourselves and we manufacture the majority of our blankets and wraps, our towels are imported and are of the highest quality Egyptian cotton, they are super absorbent and soft and fluffy, so they are gentle on baby's skin.

We use the Onkaparinga and Waverley brand woollen baby cot blankets, we believe they are of superior quality and will last a life time .

I am about to hand down to my eldest son who is now 30, the Onkaparinga blanket that was used back in the 50's for his father and all his siblings, it was then passed on to and used by other baby's in the family then used by both my sons .

It has seen the inside of a lot of washing machines over the years and yet it still remains a usable, much loved and valuable item for the nursery.

We love what we do and I believe that it shows in the finished product!

We make all our gifts Individually with love, care and attention to detail, this ensures that when your gift is received it is received with as much joy and happiness and heart felt wishes that you intend it be sent with .

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