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Herald Sun Newspaper Advert

See the Yellow Duck Baby advert in the Christmas Gift guide in the Herald Sun newspaper  this Saturday the 4th December.

You may have seen one of our Yellow Duck Baby advertisement's in some of the popular Baby & Child magazines, this December we will be testing the waters in the " Christmas Gift Guide' of the Herald Sun newspaper, we will be featuring our simply gorgeous "Cute Little Monster Body Suit and Booty set".

Advertising plays a crucial part in any business so getting it right is of the utmost importance ,  although Yellow Duck Baby generates a large percentage of it's business through returning customers and word of mouth , for any business to grow they will need to spend a considerable amount on outside advertising.  Unfortunately the high cost of advertising usually reflects on the prices of products for sale , Yellow Duck Baby has from the beginning stuck by its motto of providing unique , high quality baby gifts at reasonable prices.

Yellow Duck Baby's Baby Gifts Online Store has managed to refrain from increasing  its prices and continues to offer its customers quality products beautifully packaged and sent direct to the customer or recipients door, even whilst the cost of  product ingredients , Postal and Delivery charges, and general costs of running a safe and secure website have increased, we have and will continue to maintain our pricing and service to our customers.

We hope that the Christmas Gift Guide lift out in the Herald Sun will introduce Yellow Duck Baby to a wider community  and therefore generate a larger customer base , inevitably an increase in sales will almost certainly lead to a decrease in pricing !  and that's good news for everyone !

Check out our " Cute Little Monster " body suit & booty set in the Christmas Gift Guide then take a look at our baby gifts online store at where you can see the rest of the " Little Monster " Range.

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