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Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding

New mums are often faced with the dilemma - do I breast feed or bottle feed my newborn? As parents we want to make the best possible choice to give our children the best possible start to their life. It's a personal decision and one that must be made with a great deal of thought and consideration.

Breast feeding is a natural nutritional source providing all the wonderful nutrients for newborns plus it creates a loving bond between mother and baby. Experts agree that breastfeeding your baby for any length of time, regardless of how short, is of benefit to you and your baby.

Often some babies or new mothers are unable to breastfed for various reasons such as premature birth, difficulty sucking or other health problems affecting either mother or baby. In these cases bottle feeding may be the only alternative.

In Australia we have some wonderful government resources offering lactation advice and help to new parents to help make this important decision. Contact your local council for more information on what is right for you.

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