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Tummy Time

Ideas to encourage tummy time:

  • Give your baby at least two opportunities each day to lie on the floor without
    a nappy and limited clothing to encourage free movements.
  • Roll baby onto tummy or side and lift up without supporting the head.
  • Carry baby facing down and slightly outwards. Swing baby gently in this position.
  • Massage for longer periods with baby on his tummy over your thighs - arms forward,
    and using a mirror will help to amuse baby.
  • Lie baby on your chest when lying down. Encourage baby to lift their head to "talk"
    to you. As water helps support your baby's body weight, you could also place baby on
    your chest in the bath to help baby tolerate prone. Never leave baby unsupervised in the bath.
  • Place your baby on their tummy over a rolled up towel or your thighs, encourage baby to
    look around, a large securely fixed mirror will attract baby's attention. Toys hanging from a
    frame will encourage baby to look up.
  • Use a mirror (not too small) to entertain baby on their tummy, when playing on the floor.
    A rolled up towel placed under baby's chest with arms forward will assist your baby to lift their head.
  • Lie baby on the tummy over your legs while sitting on a chair or the floor, with a toy to stimulate.
  • When walking baby in the pram, place baby on the tummy facing out and harnessed for safety.
    Use pram indoors, or when out and about and particularly in a busy shopping centre so that baby
    can look up at the passing crowd.
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