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Photography and kids

Photography and kids

As an online baby hamper company our photo's are what sell our products, so having fabulous pictures of our products is a no brainer but getting those one in a million shots are really just that, one in a million! Of the hundreds of photo's that are taken for a product we may get at least one or two that are worthy of screening and this is especially so when we add a baby or child to the mix. So many attempts of getting that perfect shot whilst adjusting lighting, props and backgrounds then when you add a baby or small child modelling a garment just leads to hundreds of unusable but sometimes very funny pictures. Bellow are some of the funny pics taken with baby Fox modelling one of our baby bath robes, total failure but a day filled with laughs and love.

Saved by Grandpa!             This is more like it!         Who's behind there?


What do baskets taste like?  Getting bored!             Getting sleepy!

Going Going Gone! Asleep.                     Final pic taken 6 months later!

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