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Welcome to our New Store!


Yellow Duck Baby has been Online for 6 years now and we thought it was about time we updated our website!

Six years ago along with the help of a great web crew, we developed an exciting new website called Yellow Duck Baby!

We wanted our website to be visually pleasing, user friendly and above all we wanted to give our customers a safe, happy online experience.

Well nothings changed! we still want all these things but decided that the original look and functionality of our old  website was well, a bit old fashioned!

Over the years we had added a lot of extra features to our old website to update and help maintain the look and the security of our site, how ever the list of new features that become available almost on a daily basis was incredible and I am sad to say that for most our old website was not compatable.

We want our customers to have the very best shopping experience possible, that's why we alway's maintain the very highest standard in customer service, so we needed our website to reflect the same.

Up to now we had not been able to offer payment via credit card through our website due to it not being compatable with the new payment gateway's. Now its launched our new look website offers many different payment types including the very latest trends, it also offers a faster more efficient ordering process.

If you have questions about our products or services, it is easier to find our contact details as they are now displayed boldly on our front page.

Our new catalogue and menu pages are easier to navigate and our product pictures have increased in size so no need to click on to enlarge!

We have also changed our logo and branding to a great new look! we have kept our little yellow ducky, just updated him!

I would like to take this time to thank all involved in the making of our new look website including all our friends who have given us much apreciated imput into what they would like to see and experience with our website.

It has been a very busy few months working on our new look website but it has all been worth it and I am sure all our friends who shop with us will feel the same!

Happy Shopping!

Karen Warburton

Director Yellow Duck Baby Gifts

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