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Winter Baby Blankets

Winter Baby Blankets

Winter is now well upon us and those freezing cold nights seem never ending, we are ok with that because we are able to pull up an extra doona or blanket but what can we do about baby? Keeping the baby's room air temprature warm is one of the first things we think about but using a seasonly incorrect blanket in their crib will not keep baby warm all night long. Using a light summer blanket during the winter months as an additional blanket to place on baby will be fine but only if the main blanket is a warm winter blanket. What about taking baby out for a stroll on chilly days, making sure you have a warm cuddley pram blanket is a must, one that will keep the cold winter chill at bay and when baby is travelling in the car or when entering or exciting the vehicle and when thay fall asleep in their car seat they require a warm blanket to cover them from the winter chill. Already that is three warm winter blankets! but what if you could have one warm winter blanket that is not only capable of all three activities but is personalised with baby's name and a very cute Owl design making it a beautiful nursery car or stroller blanket. 

Our new "Peek a Hoot" warm soft and cuddley winter baby blanket is a must have! The soft velour double lined baby blanket with a very cute Owl design personalised with baby's name is the perfect winter gift for the new baby. Available in baby pink for girls and baby blue for baby boys this beautiful personalised winter baby blanket arrives fully gift boxed along with a matching gift card straight to the new baby's door. So if your looking for the perfect winter baby gift don't look past the new "Peek a Hoot" baby blanket.

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